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Confocal Olympus MPhot Invertido
Nanoimager-S ONI
Confocal Yokogawa Spinning Disk
Zeiss Axioskop EpiFluorescencia
Confocal Olympus MPhot. Upright
Xtreme Bruker System
Olympus MVX10 Estereoscopio
ImageStream AMNIS
Tested on Firefox, Chrome,
Safari, iOS, Android
Agendo version 1.5.6

A user cannot damage any resource or, through his/her inaction, allow somebody else to damage it
A user must follow any given instructions from the staff, except if such instructions conflicts with the First Law
A user must take care of her/his project related items unless this conflicts with the First and Second Laws

Adapted from "I, Robot" (Isaac Asimov)

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